About Us

The New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA) is a non-profit professional organisation. The Association represents a wide range of businesses and professionals in the building industry in New Zealand as well as the Kiwi business and professionals that have close working relationship with the Chinese building industry.

NZCBIA is focused on providing you, our valued members, with the tools and resources to take your business and/or your professional career to the next level, and also providing you a platform to raise your voice in the New Zealand Chinese Building Industry and wider community. Becoming a NZCBIA member also means that you’ve taken a step in the right direction to tap into the power of an already established community of successful entrepreneurs and professionals.

NZCBIA’s vision is to uplift prospects of New Zealand Building Industry, by improving the reputation and promoting good practice among the Chinese business and professional in the industry. Our mission is to provide a central information hub between the government, local authorities, building industry organization, and NZ Chinese building industry businesses and professionals.

The objectives of the association are:
 Representative & Quality - Represent Chinese Building Industry in New Zealand.
 Professional Leadership - Promote and strengthen coordination & professional development throughout the whole industry.
 Enhance Engagement - Enhance public understanding of the positive role of Chinese Building Industry & engage government, building industry authorities, general building industry, and the Chinese Building Industry by acting as a bridging organisation.
 Sharing & Networking - Provide opportunities for sharing industrial, market information, busi-ness success and challenge; and also social networking etc..